Maximum Majesty Playing Cards

MMPC is a small team of playing card collectors, designers, and overall enthusiasts who enjoy exploring the infinite intricacies of pips, faces, and tucks. Founder and CEO, Max, has always been fascinated by playing cards and is an avid poker player. Max first began collecting antique playing cards and was swiftly swept away by the wonderful world of cards. MMPC is also a Superbacker on Kickstarter due to supporting numerous playing card projects. Check out all the projects we have supported here!

In 2020, MMPC decided to launch its own playing card series, the MAJESTIC IMPERIAL Series, with Max operating as chief concept designer. The final illustrations were completed by the talented character artist, Ksenia Harlequin and box design was completed by Artur Rajch. Funding for the MAJESTIC IMPERIAL Series went live on Kickstarter in January 2021 and received a massive positive response, surpassing its funding goal in less than 48 hours. The MAJESTIC IMPERIAL project went on to raise over $28,000 with 1500+ decks out of the 2000 printed sold before they were released. The remaining MAJESTIC IMPERIAL decks are available on our shop. Join the Collector’s Club to receive updates and exclusive offers for the MMPC brand!

MMPC is currently working on the next edition of the MAJESTIC IMPERIAL series in addition to developing a brand new collectible trading card game called Mythik TCG. Both projects will launch in late 2022.


MMPC on Kickstarter