The MAJESTIC IMPERIAL luxury playing card series combines the elegance of medieval royalty with stunning character design to create a true artistic masterpiece. Each individual card of this limited edition deck was created entirely from scratch, starting with simple sketches and ending with an extraordinary finished product. Every pip, number, and letter are custom. Each face card is a masterpiece by themselves. Their facial expressions, clothing, and backdrops were completed with remarkable detail and inspired by historical characters. Check out the artwork below!

The MAJESTIC IMPERIAL series is limited to 2000 decks. After those 2000 were printed, none from this series will ever be printed again. The project was fully funded on Kickstarter in two days, eventually raising over $28,000 by the end of the campaign. The few remaining MAJESTIC IMPERIAL decks are available for purchase on our shop. Enter your email below to receive exclusive discounts for our shop and learn about our upcoming decks!

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Card design by Ksenia Harlequin. Tuck design by Artur Rajch.

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