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Welcome to the MMPC Creator Hub

Hello and welcome to the Creator Hub! I am Max, founder & CEO of MMPC. I am a Kickstarter Superbacker and creator of the limited edition MAJESTIC IMPERIAL Luxury Playing Card series. I have had dozens of people ask how I went from absolutely zero online presence to raising over $28,000 for my first project in only six months. So I have decided to offer personal consultation to help truly dedicated creators achieve guaranteed success for their card projects.

Creator Consultation

Creator Consultation includes:

  • Card Creation Workflow Document (Valued at over $500): This powerful tool provides a step-by-step outline of how to successfully build your card project including how-to’s, resources, strategy planning, etc. This single document has been narrowed down to 12 essential pages that will save you hundreds of hours of research. The workflow document is arguably the most valuable piece of the consultation since it gives you the knowledge to potentially raise tens of thousands of dollars for your projects. Plus, once you have the document you will have it forever. There are eight sections in the workflow, each broken down into smaller steps. The eight workflow sections are:
    1. Building your audience
    2. Creating your concept
    3. Artwork design
    4. Printing
    5. Fulfilment
    6. Building your crowdfunding campaign
    7. Marketing
    8. Launching your campaign
  • Personal tutorial sessions with Max: I will personally walk you through each step of the process to create your own commercial-quality playing cards starting with marketing (which can start before you even begin creating your cards), concept creation, finding artists for cards and tuck box, working with printing and fulfilment companies, budgeting, and finally planning/launching your fundraising campaign. There will be no useless videos or reading material like other game-creation tutorials, I will work one-on-one with you to explain exactly what you need to do at what time from start to finish. There is no time limit, I will help see your project to completion no matter how long it takes.
  • Marketing through MMPC’s network: Once your project has a concept and art design, MMPC will help promote your project (and your account if you are starting from scratch) through our personal connections in the card industry and through our highly active social media followers. There is no such thing as too much promotion!

Get $100 off the essential Card Creation Workflow!

Creator Pricing

$99 – Have your deck featured as Deck of the Month in the MMPC newsletter

$250 – Purchase the Card Creation Workflow Document itself WITHOUT consultation.

$475 Unlimited Creator Consultation for a SINGLE project (includes Card Creation Workflow).

$750 – Unlimited Creator Consultation for ALL FUTURE PROJECTS (includes Card Creation Workflow). This is an excellent option if you are already planning a follow-up project to your original or are planning to create an entire series.

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